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Gator is a framework for running a hierarchy of jobs and aggregating logs, metrics, resource utilisation, and artefacts.

Getting Started

Gator is compatible with Python version 3.8 through 3.11 and is developed using the Poetry packaging tool. To install Gator, check out the repository from GitHub and install it with Poetry:

$> git clone [email protected]:/Intuity/Gator.git
$> cd Gator
$> poetry install

Running Jobs

Before running Gator, you will need to create a job specification as described below. Then invoke the tool as follows:

$> gator my_job_spec.yaml --progress
[17:34:49] [INFO   ] Launching task: echo hello
           [INFO   ] Monitoring task
           [INFO   ] hello
           [INFO   ] Task completed with return code 0
           [INFO   ] Recorded 0 critical, 0 error, 0 warning, 4 info and 2 debug messages


The --progress switch enables a progress bar which tracks jobs as they running and the number of passes and failures.

Job Specifications

The complete set of tasks to run are specified with three objects:

  • !Job - specifies a single task to run along with the working directory, environment variables, and required resources;
  • !JobGroup - groups a collection of different jobs together into a named tier;
  • !JobArray - similar to a !JobGroup but it repeats the group of jobs multiple times.

Jobs, groups, and arrays can form dependencies on one another, allowing jobs to be sequenced and only start when a previous job completes (either with success or failure).

A simple example of the syntax can be seen below:

  id  : regression
  # Run the build first
  - !Job
    id     : build
    command: make
    args   :
      - build
  # Launch a series of simulations once the build completes
  - !JobArray
    id     : simulations
    on_pass: [build]
    repeats: 20
    jobs   :
    - !Job
      id     : simulate
      command: make
      args   :
        - run
  # Generate reports after all simulations complete
  - !JobGroup
    id     : reports
    on_pass: [simulations]
    jobs   :
    # Merge test coverage
    - !Job
      id     : coverage
      command: make
      args   :
        - merge_coverage


Project mascot: Alligator by TRAVIS BIRD from the Noun Project

A lot of the ideas in this project have been taken from the experiments detailed on Rich Porter's blog from 2013 and 2014.